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Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2020
I received my echo’s backin Oct. 22nd 2020.

I’ll start out with saying I’m totally blind. I got 2 Echo’ 4thgeneration devices. To me, the sound on the 4th generation echo compared to the full size prior cylinders is worse to me. The 4th generation echo send the sound out mainly in 1 direction. The cylinders sent it out all around.

The 4th generation echo comes with a short power cord. Went and got a power cord extender to be able to plug it in. That is a minus

The 4th generation echo doesn’t pick up my voice as well. This is probably because of the fact it only has 4 microphones and not 7. Minus

The buttons Arrangement on the 4th generation echo is different then the prior echo cylinders along with the prior dot’s. The older echo have the Volume up at 12 (Side of power cord coming out), Echo button at 3, Volume down at 6 and Microphone button at 9. The 4th generation echo has the Echo button at 12, Volume up at 3, Microphone at 6 and volume down at 9.

Speaking of volume! This 4th generation echo as far as the Alexa voice isn’t as loud. It is at least 1 full volume step lower. Example, the prior cylinder at volume 6, I need to have the 4th generation echo at least at volume 7 for the same Alexa voice volume. Minus

In testing.
1. Temperature The 4th generation echo hub will go below 32F. Plus.
2. Echo 4th generation echo built in temperature is a lot closer. plus
3. Echo 4th generation echo will not read battery status of sensors or humidity. No improvement.
4. If you have a lot of sensors/bulbs connected on an Echo ZigBee hub. If you leave it plugged in, things will work OK. Otherwise if you want to move them over to the Echo 4th generation Echo, you’ll need to go through a lot of steps for each device.
5. If you unplug the Echo 4th generation and plug it back in, you have to wait for it to recalibrate the temperature sensor 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Minus.
6. I’ve had the Echo 4th generation just stop responding and had no audio output at all. I’ve had this happen at least 2 times within the last 7 weeks. Had to unplug the echo and plug it back in to get Audio back. The Echo showed online, I could do drop in to it from other devices in the house, I could tell one of my other echo’s in the house to set volume to 10 on the 4th generation echo and none of that caused audio to come back. The only thing that get the Audio back was unplugging and plugging it back in. Minus
7. Sensor/light ZigBee testing echo 4th generation hub. All sensors/lights worked accept for an older plug that I had to use the Alexa App to get it online being the 4th generation echo thought it was an bulb when I did a scan for new devices. minus
8. If you connect an Bluetooth headset to the Echo 4th Generation, the echo doesn’t use the microphone on the headset! It only uses the microphones on the unit itself. No improvement
9. If you are using an Bluetooth headset and you have Follow-up mode turned on for that Echo, the Follow-up mode doesn’t work at all when using the Bluetooth headset. If you ask the Echo to turn on Follow-up mode, it will tell you it isn’t supported. No improvement
10. If you have a fan blowing on the echo or over the echo! This will make the temperature way off! This is true for the Echo 4th generation. No improvement

If you have an old Echo dot! Then you will find a large improvement in the 4th generation echo over a DOT of any type.
If you don’t have a echo at all or you are wanting to see what the smart home automation is about and are willing to deal with a very basic ZigBee hub! Then this may be for you.

If you have other question; Post them and if I find them and can help I will.
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