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Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2017
I use these stands in my office, bedroom, and kitchen. They not only look great, they also make it easier to view your phone for when you get text messages, emails, face-time and watch videos.

My order arrived quickly. The stand is packaged in a box to protect from any transit damage, and are housed in a plastic bag for further protection. The stands are relatively heavy and are constructed to be stable. They have a good size bottom to keep the phone in place and balanced. The stands are sturdy, they do not wobble and holds my 7 plus in place. There is a thick non-slip large pad at the bottom of the stand, another thick non-slip medium size pad at the front of the stand so that your phone keeps in place, as well as two smaller thick non-slip pads on the inside part of the stand so that your phone sits on the rubber stands, and not directly on the metal.

I have the rose version on my bedside table. It makes it easier to charge my 7 plus, and for when I get text messages I do not have to pick up the phone, all I have to do is to turn my head. It is also much easier to reach across and to tap the screen for turning off the alarm, rather than having to pick the phone up. I know this may sound very little to do, but you will be surprised how much little things make a difference.

I have the silver version on my office desk (silver to match my iMac). I sit my phone on the stand, it does not get lost under papers, and when the phone rings, it is easy to glance at the screen to see who the caller is, and I answer it through speaker mode. I also find it easier to monitor alerts for new emails and text messages for when I am using other programs on my iMac.

My third version is dark gray, and I use the stand in my kitchen. It keeps my phone in one place, so I do not have to look for it. It is easy to charge the phone on the stand. I do a lot of face-time with my family and like to cook so having the phone elevated and at an angle makes it easier to read recipes or watch videos on how to make food on the screen.

The only thing these stands were missing to make the design even better are rubber grommets to keep the cord in place. This was an easy fix; I just went to my local hardware store with one of the stands, so I made sure I got the right size.

I am very happy with the stand, so much so, I purchased 3 of them to be used around our home. Highly recommended. They are a great price, and worth every penny! I have taken many images, but the reason I have not taken an image of the phone on the stand is because I was using the phone to take the images :)

I hope that you have found my opinion to be helpful with your decision process to purchase this item. If this is the case, and where Amazon asks if this review helpful, please click "yes." Thank you!
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