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Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2020
I LOVE this car carpet!!!!! I am making a kids room up in my house for babysitting and trying to get the most fun and interesting/high quality toys etc.. possible in there to give the kiddos great options to enjoy - and hopefully find at least a few toys that each one is really interested in. This carpet is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! It caught my eye out of all the others that I looked at with it's very bright and fun colors and playful/happy/more updated look about it from many other car carpets out there - and at such an EXCELLENT affordable price!

While I believe one other review I read declared this was "smaller" than they imagined, this was/is the PERFECT fit for what I wanted! The length is the same as the more "typical" car carpets probably most of us have seen - it is just a little less wide/slightly closer to more of a "runner-like" style/shape - which again for me is absolutely PERFECT for the space that I have and STILL provides EXCELLENT play space!!! It may be slightly smaller than some others AND still it is EXCELLENT quality and at a GREAT price!!! I was SO EXCITED to get this for my kiddo room with how bright and fun and beautiful it looked and for what it would add to my room and WOW!!!!!! did it add SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I as a 25 year old love this carpet and kinda wanna "play on it" (My line of work is with preschool-aged special needs kids - so I am very immersed in the world of children πŸ˜‰)... all of that to say I truly hope that the kiddos will love it just as much - and more! I do NOT doubt that they will!

The colors were/are EXACTLY as BRILLIANT as they looked online and this carpeting (somehow!) is of such HIGH!!!!!!! quality that it is super soft and at the same time so INCREDIBLY easy cleaning for carpeting of ANY sort I've before had exposure to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me SOOOOOO excited as well - because I do have a dog who ended up being quite high shedding and with this being a room that I am going to be bringing other kiddos into it needs to even more-so still have that clean and sanitary standard. I want that standard for this room to be as absolutely close as possible to that of at a daycare or what any other professional facility maintains in the care of children. ...This carpet AMAZES me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am DUMBFOUNDED and oh SOOOOOO RELIEVED that my dog's hair hardly even is coming upon it except for one, two, or three lone pieces here or there and when his hair DOES fall on it - it does NOT stick to it AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prior to this I had an area rug in there that I ended up trading out for a large playmat and then from there I also added this. The rug that I had in there I would vacuum and vacuum and vacuum and even get on my hands and knees sweep over in a very detailed fashion and it was SO DIFFICULT to clean - the hair just "stuck"! THIS; on the other hand, is so VASTLY different/the opposite!!!! 1,000x better than your typical carpet/area carpet materials! All in all - I CANNOT say enough about this EXCELLENT rug!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜€ (Sorry about this lengthy review - but THAT is why!) πŸ˜€
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