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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2018
This is a fantastic shade for the beach. It does take a few minutes to set up, but it's really fast and easy once you get used to it. We live in Florida, so we go to the beach often. We rinse the tent and the hardware (not the sand bags) after each beach trip so the tent will last longer since the salt water is rough on just about everything. When the tent is set up properly it will withstand even moderately strong winds, much better than an umbrella, which we also have.

A bit of advice on the set-up: Sometimes when trying to feed the poles through they will get stuck in the material. We fixed this by attaching the caps of ink pens to the end of the pole that will be getting fed. Then just remove the cap so the pole fits properly into the grommet. For the larger pole the end of a Sharpie marker is the perfect size, and for the smaller poles the end of a Pentel RSVP pen works great. Not advertising for these products, they just happened to be what they had and were absolutely perfect. It makes feeding the poles a simpler, smoother process.

The tent has a window in the back which can be opened to expose the screen and allow the wonderful ocean breeze to flow through, or a shade that can be closed when the sun begins to set behind the tent. It has ample room for two beach chairs in the front and coolers or other beach items stored in the back. It makes a full day at the beach comfortable and enjoyable. Many naps have been taken in our tent :)

Now for the best part: We are in our fifth season with this tent, and other than the ends of the poles being slightly rusted it looks as good as it did when we purchased it, with moderate use and proper care, so it is made to last.
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