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Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2011
i love these books, I really do. They're great fun, easy to read, slightly trashy but in a good way, great horror/fantasy stuff without taking itself too seriously. Sookie's attitude towards all the crazy things around her are pretty entertaining, matter of fact, nothing too romantic or over the top. In fact the vampire culture presented as overly romantic, opulent, and even tacky at times helps keep up the attractive vampire image while making them appealing yet imperfect in an believable manner. I like how the different breeds of strange creatures are introduced slowly with a "sure why not" attitude, nothing too pretentious, no great drama in discovering some new crazy creature.
As with most books that try to capture modern fashion of the time they are written, the outfits described are almost criminally bad. I never know if it's the amount of time since first being written, cultural/geographical differences, or just really bad taste on the part of the author (see Charles de Lint).
However, there is one thing I thoroughly despise about these books.
Everyone wants to have sex with Sookie.
All the time.
That seems to be a major motivation for most straight male characters presented, at least of the supernatural ones. Along with detailed descriptions of her unbelievable hotness, this makes up at least a third, if not more, each book. But she's modest about it, of course.
It's ridiculous and irritating. I honestly wonder about the author, does she have some crippling low self-esteem beauty complex? Is this the body she always wanted, and has obsessed over her entire life?
The details include Sookie's perfect and ample bosom, her tiny waspy waist, her soft and supple tan skin, her naturally gorgeous blond hair, her sexy bare legs, her perfectly petite stature. Then of course there are the many many details of how she looks in skin tight jeans that lace up the sides, the low cut shirts, the many tight and short slinky dresses, the lacy under garments, and how this and that tight blah outfit compliments her perfect blah blah blah. So, clearly, everyone wants to bang Sookie. all the time. major motivations here. it's brought up or directly stated every few pages.
she's so hot! but she's so modest, just a simple southern girl! and oh yeah, there's a plot too.
The bits without all the hotness are rather entertaining. The plot is pretty awesome, really, i just wish the author would stay with it. okay she's SOOOOOOOOOO hot, great. move on.
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