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Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2013
What the hell???? Just finished reading... More let down than I've ever been over anything in my life!! I'm so flabbergasted with how poorly this series ended. I had such high hopes and was let so far down that I've lost some faith in the written word, and I'm a lit study!!
The series started to drag in Lion Among Men but really did pick up with Out of Oz. Then you get to To Call the Lost Forward... And it's like hey, if you weren't down trodden enough with your heart constantly aching for the electric jump of life to kick you back, like the jolt of an AED, here's a punch to flat line anything that had a chance. And seriously, already played the confused bisexual card. Like three times!! Get a new idea to work with. What the hell do you have against the Thropp family. You were supposed to make it all make sense for them. Poor Elphaba, poor Fiyero, poor Liir, poor Candle, poor Nanny, but mostly poor Rainary Ko Osaq'ami Thropp Tigelaar!! You literally killed what was an amazing series. If you have any hope to skew my opinion, there needs to be one more book. Yes, in life there are ups and downs. But there was no up for this entire family and they were constantly doing their best and putting others first. How can you write about an Unnamed God but write such heinous atrocities to a family. And everyone just leaves!!!! Their is no family in the end. At least Liir is trying to look after his daughter. But Maguire left every character broken and alone!!! How awful!!!
I gave it a two because the writing is great, the storyline will just make you want to die!!! :'(
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