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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2016
I have been obsessed with Dr.Axe since discovering his YouTube channel. I have been anxiously awaiting Eat Dirt and it does not disappoint. This time last year I was 35 pounds lighter, muscles were well defined and I felt great. All of that started to change in May of 2015. I compete in ocr & exercise 5-6 days per week as well as eat very clean. That did not change, however weight started to come on. After 15 pounds, I went to my primary and she reluctantly tested my thyroid. When it came ask normal, I took that to mean it was within my control. I dug in deeper with my nutrition. I went vegan. I worked out more. I started experiencing depression and anxiety, extreme fatigue, horrible pms. I was up 27 pounds and went back to my primary. She reluctantly ran a full thyroid panel, although she felt it was unnecessary as we shouldn't worry until I was up 100 pounds...what?? I asked her if it's not my thyroid, what could it be. Her response, "I don't know." She referred me to an endocrinologist. 3 days later my labs come back normal and they inform me that the endocrinogist will not schedule with me because my thyroid is fine.
That's where conventional medicine left me.
I started researching and stumbled upon Dr. Axe. I immediately started implementing his recommendations into my daily routine. The depression and brain fog started lifting. The weight gain stopped. The energy started coming back. I got my life back!
Now I'm ready to kick this weight to the curb by implementing what I have learned in Eat Dirt.
Some of my favorite quotes in the book:
"We CAN heal. We just need to summon the collective will to change some of our long-standing but extremely damaging habits – especially our deadly addiction to being clean. "

"On a cell for cell basis, we are 90% microbial. We don't just live on the earth – the earth lives in us."

"While this is cutting edge science, the solutions could not be any simpler. All we need to do to load up on our old friends and get more of these microexposures is easy, fun stuff we probably already love to do: get back to eating seasonally and locally. Spend more time outdoors. Hug our dogs after they roll around in the leaves. Let our kids to make mud pies get their hands dirty on the playground."

"Go "forest bathing." Go on a short walk in the woods, and take many deep breaths, consciously bringing the scent of the trees into your lungs. This form of aromatherapy is a practice called "shinrin-yoku," or "forest bathing," in Japanese. Researchers there found breathing in the antimicrobial organic compounds called phytoncides - the woods' essential oils - decreased cortisol levels and blood pressure, enhanced immune system function, and stabilized nervous system activity.

I found a local doctor of functional medicine and I was diagnosed with estogen dominance, low progesterone, low DHEA, adrenal fatigue and leaky gut. If you are suffering from any of these issues, you need this book.

I will return to this review in a few weeks to report how I feel with the Eat Dirt plan.
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