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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2018
I ordered in may of 2017, the monitor arrived well packaged. I hooked it up... i couldn't get an image signal from either the hdmi or display port cable until i flipped the switch at the right rear off then back on. I thought ok fine, it works now and there's no dead pixels so minor initial annoyance aside i was good to go. I was wrong, every time i would hibernate the computer i would have to flip the switch off and back on again. I said fine, ill disable hibernate and that seemed to fix the problem but i was then plagued with a new problem. The monitor has continued to drop signal randomly every few days, the monitor goes completely black and requires me to flip the switch to function again. I had contacted AOC's customer support within the 30 day window, i was told i would have to pay shipping so i held onto it because the switch, though annoying is easily accessible.
Now, here's where the really disappointing aspect of the monitor comes in. Yes, it is better than the 8ms samsung monitor it replaced... but not by much. It functions "fine" in World of Warcraft and GTA5 on medium settings at any refresh rate but it fails in almost every FPS game ive tried. It can't maintain anywhere near 60fps at anything above low settings in pubg, bf1, bf5, bo4, nor several other games with either cable at any refresh rate, neither with vsync nor freesync. Oddly enough, the monitor does function slightly better with the gamer 2 profile but anything with "overdrive" enabled runs like absolute garbage.
I know what you're thinking, its the computer not the monitor. That's what i thought for over a year but since I received this monitor i have gone through 3 cpus, 3 motherboards, 3 sets of ram, 4 video cards, 2 power supplies, 2 ssds... The same requirement for low settings for playable fps remains. What really gave it away was bf1 and bf5's warning icons, despite the ingame fps overlay saying i had playable fps it would still show a near constant low fps icon which of course confirmed what i was visually seeing.
It feels like the fps drops and the input latency skyrockets at anything above low settings. Thought it still functions fine as a internet browser, for gaming this monitor has been a disappointment from day 1. I don't know if i got a dud but i would not recommend this monitor. I should have spent the extra $30 for an ASUS...
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