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Reviewed in the United States on April 3, 2019
I read the beginning portion of this book and quickly encountered considerable biased and unfortunately offensive content. In just a few pages I encounter:
1. “Mexicans don’t want to return to their country”. I’ve known many Mexican people who would prefer to live in Mexico but are in the U.S. solely for economic reasons.
2. “Complete breakdown of order in Oaxaca.” I was in Oaxaca during the period of time mentioned. There was indeed unrest including some demonstrations that turned violent. But to say that there was a “complete breakdown of order” is quite absurd and inflammatory. During my visit I encountered absolutely no security problems. I spoke to striking teachers and found them not in the least bit disorderly in any sense of the word. I walked around the city and visited other nearby areas without a trace of a problem.
3. Immigrants were accustomed to demonstrating in Mexico and have brought the same mentality to the U.S. This is quite ridiculous. As in any country there are people inclined to demonstrated and others (the majority) disinclined. The same is true of immigrants whether in the U.S. or back in Mexico.

While this book might include some valid points they are outweighed by false and offensive claims. Not worth your time!
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