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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2012
I have played golf since I was 16 years old, took my first lesson when I was 28 years old, and have played sporadically during this time frame------some of the years I did not play at all. I have taken a total of about 8 lessons in my lifetime. The problem I had and still have is that I don't play much due to time constraints. I average 2 to 3 9-hole rounds per month, playing from June til mid-November. Thus, I could never find that consistency that an individual needs to become better. After reading this book carefully twice and performing most of the exercises recommended, I went to the driving range and immediately noticed that most of my drives were hit straighter......drives ranged from 240 to 290 yards. My distance did not change much but a much greater percentage of my drives went straighter--about 90 percent compared to about 45 to 50 percent prior to reading this book. I felt that I really had more control on my drives and I could hit the ball well much more easily! My distance irons also played much straighter and also longer....a big difference was noted after reading this book! I then played 2. 9 hole rounds of golf and noted that my score decreased by about 5 - 7 strokes on each 9 hole game. This was largely due to more consistency in my game----the one plane golf swing really is simpler and allowed me to play with more consistency with noticeably longer iron play. This led to more confidence and a greater enjoyment of the game. I believe that if a golfer is looking for more consistency and a swing that has a greater chance of being reproducible on drives and iron play, then this book is a must read. The advice offered was more beneficial to me than any lesson I took. Also, if one forgets the advice, all that is needed is a quick review of the book---like having your own personal swing coach. The book is readable in a few hours since it is only 104 pages long.
Of note is that the book does not really give much advice for the short does give a few tips for the short game but most of its focus is for drives and distance iron play. At ant rate, I gave the book 5 stars for its ease of readability, solid advice and clear explanations. It is great for the weekend warrior who can't play 3-6 times per week but wants to improve their swing and have a greater enjoyment of the game!
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