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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on July 30, 2018
Otherwise it's nice quality. But the headstrap is too flimsy.
The small clips holding the headband together unsnapped constantly.
The mesh screen is better than the ones found on both the Husqvarna and on the Stihl helmets.
But I returned the TR Helmet after strap issues.

After I returned this TR helmet I went to all the chainsaw dealers in the area and discovered that buying a Husqvarna is very confusing because they have many different models. Even the Pro model is not consistent from store to store. The worst quality Husqvarna helmet was sold at Lowes (a piece of junk). I can not understand why Husqvarna would put such a low quality helmet on the market.

Finally I ended up with a Stihl ProMark helmet at $74.95 ($149 on Amazon). Yes it is pricey, but I don't compromise on tool quality.
This was much much higher quality than any of the Husqvarna helmets or the other helmets that I looked at.
I only found the Stihl helmet at professional stores selling Stihl equipment.

And remember, helmets are like brains! They only work if you use them :)
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