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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2020
"Is... is your English any good?"
"Lessons every day since I was six," she said, switching from Spanish to English. "I'm sure I'll have no trouble."

That quote from a very early part in the text stuck with me because until that point, I had been incorrectly assuming that the characters were communicating in English. And it's those kids of assumptions, the nature of colonialism, eugenics, and a haunting mystery that drive the book forward. This brilliant author has no trouble weaving culture and texture into a gothic horror story.

For anyone who reads this and finds themselves wanting the book to be "more Mexican" I would ask you to stop and question what that means to you. What doesn't feel Mexican enough in this story? From my perspective, the characters, setting, dialogue, food, and music all feel very authentic to the time and place. The absence of Mexican culture at High Place is very deliberate and explored as part of the themes.

I do not usually read horror, but I was immersed in the chilling and claustrophobic atmosphere of High Place. I agree with other reviews that describe the beginning as a slow burn and I found that to be necessary for the gradual descent into darkness and chaos that arrives near the end.
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