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Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2019
So I purchased this product not even 1 year ago and this monitor has caused more trouble than what it was worth.

1.) The monitor will not do 144hz unless using a Display Port connection (not a big deal but something that should be clarified!)
2.) This monitor looks great and runs fantastic for 30 minutes then the screen will start to go black out of nowhere right in the middle of a game! This will occur at every moment you don't need it to happen
3.) Now if the screen going black on you isn't a problem then just wait an hour or 2 and the screen will just go completely white and have to be unplugged for 24 hours before it will work again
4.) Now I asked Amazon to replace this and they sent me a replacement right away! GREAT! But guess what the replacement did the same thing after a few months

!!.)One last thing is that Amazon never sent me any shipping label or email about what to do with the replacement and then proceeded to charge me a second time for the replacement monitor months after. Thanks Amazon you guys have great support, just charge the customer twice when the item is defective!

I would NOT recommend buying this Monitor! Take your money somewhere else and purchase a monitor that will work. Also if you ever have a defective monitor make absolutely sure Amazon doesn't give you some useless support rep that can't do their job correctly and cause you a year's worth of headaches!

Buying this monitor will actually cost $500+ and you will be left with 2 monitor size paperweights!!

Worst experience purchasing anything in my life :(
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