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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2019
This was a gift to my 2 year old and has become a family favorite. We use it inside, so I'm not sure exactly how long the range is but it can be in the next room from the controller and work fine.

It's durable. The 2 year old has thrown both the car and the controller a few times. There are no scratches or dents and the car works fine. The controller once was thrown hard enough that one button stopped working, but we unscrewed the tiny screws on the back and it started working again, so we just closed it back up and had no more issues with it. His younger sister keeps chewing on the antennae or the controller itself. Both are still fine, so I guess it's slightly water resistant.

It goes straight forward or reverses on a curve. My two older kids (6&8) enjoy driving it around obstacles and figuring out how much it needs to reverse to be at the right angle to move forward again.

My only VERY minor disappointment was that I thought each driver had a unique sound or song which would play, which isn't the case. There's a button which plays a song on the top of the car, the steering wheel is a button which makes a car starting noise, and the pad the driver sits on plays a cartoonish voice making car engine noise when it's pressed. It can get pretty repetitive to only have those sounds, and since there's no difference between drivers and no need for them, ours were quickly lost. There's no way to turn off the music and sounds while the car is in use, but it's not easy to accidentally push the buttons either so it's not that annoying overall.
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