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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2019
I bought this thinking was a NEW 3ds and that it was gonna just be a bit used but man This wasnt just used, there were signs the console was clearly opened due to wear marks on the screws for the housing. They opened this console at somepoint either to refurbish the housing or to change the case. Im not sure if the put a diffrent case (wich makes no sense since the case they used is a beat the heck up case) on it or what but they clealy did a poor job refurbishing it if it was refurbished. Housing integrity is compromised when you open and close it (the shell case they used was clearly not official nintendo or placed on incorrectly or the wrong one) it came with scuff marks all over all though screens seem like they are in good shape. So far all the software related features work just fine but i havent tested a physical game yet wich considering how it came out of the box im worried. It would have been fine if it was just slightly used but clearly this thing was owned by an angry toddler. Not worth the price since for 40 bucks more you can buy a brand new one thats never been used. Maybe if it was sold for 80 bucks or less it would have been fine cause this thing is BEAT UP, but atleast it works i guess. Not recomended as a gift since it looks like it did a tour in Vietnam and came back with some stories but aside from the straight up lie that this was a NEW 3ds and the conditiin it was in it does technically work.

Hope this helped.
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