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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020
American author Jennifer Weiner writes “chic lit” and she does a pretty good job at it. She’s no Leo Tolstoy; it would be useless and cruel to compare the two authors. But she generally creates interesting characters and puts them in interesting plots. And so it is with her new novel, “Big Summer”.

Weiner seems to take deliberate aim at today’s social media. Her main character, Daphne Berg, is a rising “influencer”. (Is EVERYBODY an Influencer today?”). Now in her mid-20’s, she has fought weight issues all her life and has parlayed her issues and out-going personality into an Instagram business. She’s making money - but not enough to quit her other part time jobs - as the book starts. We soon discover that she had gained a temporary notoriety when she was filmed fighting a man in a bar. The other main character is Daphne’s high school buddy, Drue Cavanaugh, who is a true WASP princess. The two are no longer friends.

The book goes from comedy of manners to mystery about half way through. The only problem I have with Weiner’s book is that the characters often edge into caricature. But it’s a good book for these times of uncertainty. It’ll make you laugh...
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