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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
Yeah, I loved it. Almost as good as the series standout, Make Me. Two plots tracked with consummate skill, with humor, poignance, and outstanding characterizations.

Now, I want to say a nasty word or two about the 11 percent of reviews here that are 1-star. First, many if not most of them have a sameness about them, asserting "boring" writing. Also, there seems to be alot of residual bitterness over the casting of Tom Cruise as filmdom's Reacher. On the first point, assuming they weren't writing bad reviews for the competition (?), I have no doubt they were bored--unimaginative, semi-literate thrill-seekers often are. Have SOME humility. To denigrate good writing as bottom-of-the-barrel because your narrow, greedy expectations aren't satisfied is just lazy and trifling.

On the second point, get over yourselves. One author, when asked what he thought about what Hollywood had done with his books, waved a hand at his collected works on the bookshelves and said, "Hollywood didn't do anything with my books. There they are right there."
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