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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2019
I have been watching Moriah Elizabeth on Youtube repaint "squishies" and decided it was something I was interested in. She specified that she used 3D "puffy paint" or fabric paint. I saw this set, which comes with 40 different colors, each 1 Fl Oz. It is 40 ounces of paint for about $26.99 currently (I bought it on Prime Day for about ~$22 not including tax). I found that to be an unbeatable deal when looking at other sets considered I was going to be paying less than a dollar per bottle.

Based on previous reviews I was concerned that some of the paints would come in dry as well or that the presentation of the box would be messy. I opened the box and found that everything was held perfectly in place by some plastic. It came neatly packaged with the 40 paints, 3 brushes, and 3 stencils. Personally, I was not interested in the stencils or the brushes. I did take a look at the brushes though and they are pretty cheap (which was expected) so I would recommend buying your own if you want quality. I paint so I already have some and I could tell these are not going to do well (except maybe the flat brush).

Lastly I took each individual bottle and tested it on a sheet of cardstock because I was worried that some of the paints would be dry. Much to my pleasure NONE of the product I received was dry! Some of the paints did have air pockets in them and splattered a bit on the cardstock (literally only 2 bottles did that) but that was to be expected as well considering how these were produced. It came with 19 matte colors, 4 glitter, 7 flourescent, 9 metallic, and 1 glow-in-the-dark.

All in all it was a terrific buy and I am super pleased with the product.

I may update this review with a squishy I decorated and will let you guys know if I encounter any problems from here on out. But everything has been looking good. (I do recommended buying more white if you're going to be doing a squishy project like me just because 1 oz is very small).
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