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Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2015
The concept that people are born genius is completely shattered with this book. If you think you have to be born that way, you need to read this book! However, it doesn't just try to make this point but ultimately wants to encourage that even you (yes you) have that ability to become a master at whatever you were born to do, (rather than born with the ability) and even become someone who people call genius. It's your ability to focus which is becoming a lost art in these modern times with so much entertainment that is out there. How crucial it is for mankind to continue to develop the skill to even just focus is just the tip of the iceberg that Greene dissects to make his point. From Einstein to Benjamin Franklin and even learning about the history of Charles Darwin and his process of mastering his theory of evolution was surprisingly very inspiring and interesting to read (and I'm not really into all that stuff -- or so I thought I wasn't! This book takes us to the very beginning of mankind to today in a remarkable way that had me not wanting to put it down. Was I finding my true ability to focus on something I was finding fascinating where others may not have? That is the very point. Is it true that almost anyone has the ability to master their craft? Well that all depends. It depends on the person's want or discovery of a curiosity that is ultimately found. It could take a lifetime or it could take a couple of decades. The point is, are you searching for the very gift you were born to do? And when or if you find it, are you mastering it?
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