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Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2018
This was bought to replace an older Insinkerator Badger 0.5HP. The previous model was atleast 7 years old and perhaps even older depending if the prior owner of the house replaced it. We used ours very seldom, opting to use a sink strainer most of the time. Our older model started leaking through the motor housing, which indicated that something rusted thru on the top, not good!

We wanted something a bit more powerful and something that can easily be installed in the existing fixtures. I reused the sink mount and the drain hoses as they were already precut and fit my existing piping.

Install Tips:
- Have a small bucket to catch any water or backwash.
- Have a rag handy to sop up any splashes.
- Remember to punch out the dishwasher plug if you plan to use that feature.
- Plan for about an hour for the whole install from start to finish.
- Use some pipe joining compound to make things a bit more resilient (I used Oatey)....this is especially useful if you plan to reuse the pipe fittings like I did.
- Remember to purchase the wiring if you don’t already have it (reuse).

were easy to follow. Read them twice and make sure you visualize how you plan to do it in your particular install.
I reused the wiring from the older model. Took 5 minutes to swap. Make sure the ground wire is making a good contact!

Installation was moderately difficult. Just the sheer small space under the counter and the weird angles. Using the pipe joining compound was a bit messy but cleaned up easy.

With patience and doing things correctly, the Insinkerator 5XP worked like a champ the first time around.

Final Notes:
- The sound is only very slightly more than the 0.5HP model, I would say mostly the same.
- The motor is powerful and I definitely noticed the difference in chewing up food waste.
- The interior parts are galvanized, so I expect to replace again in about 7 years or more with moderate use.
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