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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2015
 My use is less conventional than most: I'm using it to store/transport 3 C+ Stands. How well does it work for that? pretty nicely.

C stands are used in Film & video, they're heavy clunky suckers which are unfortunately the bread and butter of a lot of video work. I'm not a Grip/Gaffer, so i only have a few to haul and wanted a neat case to do so as well as for storage. That very question popped up on the G&E group and that got me to dig into find something. And here's my thoughts on this finding:

-Price point is great
-Material feels sufficiently thick
-Inner rubberized coating is great, feels like it can take a beating
-Sticking looks pretty nice
-Strapping doesn't go all the way around but weight test feels good.
-I made a few modifications....

C stands with turtle bases and extension arms/heads/knuckles/etc... are not a neat package, there's stuff sticking out all over. I opted for the double compartment bag because i wanted some separation, and planned on having to slice some of the inner separator out to make room for the bases. Slicing with a sharp knife and scissors was easy, and the material doesn't feel prone to ripping. With a large hole cut near the bottom for the turtle bases, and a smaller hole near the top for the bits and pieces to float around works rather nicely.

I also folding up some cardboard and foam to make a bottom brace, which ensures all the poles are confined to that area which i then put a thick bit of foam behind. I did this to keep things neat, as well as protect against all that weight when this bag is stood up on end.

Lastly, i tied some paracord between the two zippers, so they open together.

In it i'm storing a standard matthews stand, and two larger heavier impact brand stands. You might even be able to fit 4 regular stands in it, but the weight might become impractical. You could also store extra/other types of stands in there, regular light stands you could fit at least 4 of some of the 10' ones.

All in all i'm plenty happy with how it turned out. I makes for neat storage and an easy package to haul into the car for a gig.

I reduced it to the two larger stands, it's a much more reasonable weight to manage
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