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Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2011
If you think that The Battle of the Labyrinth doesn't have action and adventure then think again. It has action and adventure beyond belief. The action in this book is suspenseful because they have to find Daedalus who has trapped himself in the Labyrinth before Luke and his army does. The adventure is on about every page with Percy or his friends killing monsters such as giants or dracaena or Percy and his friends trying to run away from the monsters. Like when Percy had to battle another half blood to the death until he backed down and of course a monster starts chasing him attacked down and is epic adventure, Percy will be booted across the world from an explosion, kill a giant twice the size of him, and percy, Annabeth, Grover,Tyson and Rachel to find a man who has trapped himself in the greatest maze of all time. Or will all of the monsters stop them from finding Daedalus and stopping Kronos' army.

"We ran until we were exhausted. Rachel steered us away from traps, but we had no destination in mind--only away from that dark mountain and the roar of Kronos.
We stopped in at tunnel of wet white rock, like part of a natural cave. I couldn't here anything behind us, but I still didn't feel any safer. I could still remember those unnatural golden eyes staring out of Luke's face, and the feeling that my limbs were turning to stone. " p. 306.

I chose this section because of the description the author gave me. In the last line when Percy says "and the feeling that my limbs were turning to stone." I think that sentence tells a lot about Rick Riordan and his writing style. I think his description of that sentence really gets you to think about what that would feel like or the power of Kronos Lord of Time.

By W Stormey
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