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Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2019
Obviously there are similarities to "The Phoenix Project", but I personally feel that "The Phoenix Project" is the book I would pass along to senior leadership, while "The Unicorn Project" is what I would suggest to my fellow "red shirts" and "rebels" with their hands on the keyboard.

I found that Gene Kim's writing style felt smoother this time around, specifically, I felt the transitions from conversation to explanation were more fluid, e.g. when there's a reference to Demming and then an explanation of the principle, keeping me more connected with the story and its characters without being reminded that I'm learning ;-)

I also really appreciated the developer perspective of this story. Not only was the political landscape familiar, but there were at least 3 scenarios in the story where I have been in EXACTLY the same situation. Found myself grimacing and laughing at the same time on multiple occasions.

For me, the biggest take away was this: no matter where you are in your org structure, you can affect change. If you are searching for a transformation playbook from the top down, you might want to start with "The Phoenix Project", "Accelerate", or "The DevOps Handbook", but if you want to be inspired to start making impactful change from deep within the trenches, this is the book for you.
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