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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2018
I Like It. Assembled it quickly and easily using only a Phillips screwdriver and a 9/16 deep socket. An adjustable or box end wrench would certainly work but likely be a bit slower. The instructions were clear enough and the assembly was fairly obvious. Everything aligned perfectly and it took me about a half hour to put it all together. My first task was moving a couple of cords of recently downed fir rounds from some trees I had cut on my property. I'm not into trailer abuse but I also wasn't particularly gentle tossing the rounds in. After the first load I was pushing that 600 lb capacity regularly. It did everything I asked of it without an issue and finished the day looking as new as when it started. I thought that with the loads I was carrying the dump feature might not be viable but it worked easily. The balance point for the load is such that even an old guy like me ( I'm in my late 60s) could tip it easily. It's a bit twitchy backing up because of its short length but I was getting reasonably accurate by about my third load.

For my needs the capacity is more than adequate, roughly 3 times what my wheelbarrow will haul. The frame and plastic bed are rugged and handled the use I gave it out of the box with no issues. The value for the money seems outstanding compared with other trailers on the market. Even if I need to replace it in 5 years, the warrantee period, it will still be a bargain. I do worry a bit about UV effects on the plastic bed but after I clear away a few hanging projects I'll be keeping it in my garage anyway.

If my budding affection for this trailer should change I'll be sure to post an update.
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