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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2017
The buff beige is a bit darker and much more orange than I expected, and that is a bit odd, because I think that's the shade I use in the matching liquid foundation.

Like the translucent, it applies pretty easily and doesn't need much reapplication, but I am also only oily on a few parts of my face, so baking tends to eliminate the need for future reapplication for me. Both shades, though, have the frustrating tendency to settle into the fine lines that are starting to develop on my face, which...well, that sucks for baking a bit. I do stay matte, which is nice, but poreless...not so much. The areas of my face without open pores, it works just fine, but like the fine lines, if a pore is more open, it's going to settle right on top and act like a big ol' arrow to it, so I have to bake and possibly finish with another powder. It works fine for the rest of my face, though...if it weren't orange. That's my fault, though, I guess.
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