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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2021
Both cables failed within 90 days, and then the company has made it basically impossible to get them replaced. I literally gave them the exact invoice that Amazon customer support sent me and they keep asking me for a different one, and Amazon support kept telling me to “insist it’s the right one.” They still wouldn’t take it. I’ve previously bought about 6 packs of Amazon Basics charging cords over the years, but this experience makes me never want to buy from them again. I ended up just buying a different brand because I couldn’t bother to spend any more time with tech support or any more frustration trying to talk to the guys in the foreign factory.

One cord simply stopped working with no visible damage, and the other fell apart where the cord meets the lightning plug. It didn’t see any more wear and tear than my previous Amazon Basics charging cords, but this was the first of this variety I tried (I normally get the ones that are bumpy/have rings on the flexible plastic part, don’t know how to describe it). Sad it didn’t even last 3 months.
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