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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2018
The labeler works just fine. Most of the people here don't seem to have any trouble shooting skills. They're are two things that can cause the label maker to malfunction, one is very easy to fix one is somewhat harder to fix.

1. The two disks can become misaligned. The attached image demonstrates this, realigning it is easy. Just grip the top and bottom disks separately and rotate them until aligned.

2. The label makers automatically perforates the label to ease peeling off the backing. Sometimes the perforated section breaks off inside the label maker. It will then immediately stick in between the disks and impede further label making. Cleaning out these adhesive bits is annoying, I've had success with tweezers. it'd be nice if the disks were removable for easy cleaning.

I do like the embossing style label makers, but the difficulty of cleaning it out and the small font gets this three stars.
Also if you have an office depot nearby by just get the label maker from them directly. I ordered from them through amazon and they lost the package, I ended up just buying it in person and getting a refund.
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