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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2020
I wish that this once great series would go back to focusing on the joy around food and beverages, people, and places. This used to be a nice escape, a chance to read about interesting chefs, unique restaurants and food, an opportunity to laugh and smile. Those opportunities are few and far between in the 2019 edition (much like 2018, which I also returned). "The Best American Food Writing" has turned into a series of pet causes and political agendas. After buying the latest edition and thumbing through it last night, I returned it this morning, using "other" for my reason. There are plenty of things to be depressed about these days (COVID-19, nasty politics, etc.), and I certainly don't want to immerse in negativity when it comes to one of my favorite topics/escapes on our troubled planet. Please return to sharing the joys of food, beer, wine etc., the people who make them special, and well-crafted word pictures of places that take us away on a special journey. Bring back something we can enjoy in 2020, and maybe you will sell more books and win back some of your former fans.
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