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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2019
The ingredients contain TALC. Talc may contain ASBESTOS as it naturally occurs in talc in many sources where talc is obtained. Yeah, you might think that companies make baby powder with talc and that because it is marketed for use on babies, it must be safe. The truth is it is absolutely not safe!!! A major manufacturer of baby powder has been successfully sued for asbestos related diseases. It has been revealed that this same manufacturer had not only known about the dangers for decades, but had purposefully HIDDEN the evidence!!!!! Therefore, how can a consumer of this scrub verify whether or not the talc in this product contains ASBESTOS? I would rather not take the chance of using this product at all.

I also regret this purchase because of the damage to wildlife that the microbeads in this product does to wildlife.

Note: Never take anybody's word for anything. I urge you to please do the research and verify all of this information yourself.
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