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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2019
This has become my bible for my career in product. Marty Cagan gets it. He quickly and concisely points to how to run product "right" and how to avoid the pitfalls that are so common in this profession.

While I doubt any company is perfectly aligned with his principles, he gives vision for where you can be. If you are in product or work in close proximity of product you will smile as he describes the things we do (the good and bad) and turn thoughtful as you consider his ideas. Cagan does not tell you exactly what to do, but names the problem, and gives guidance that is helpful for you to create your own solution in your specific situation.

Much of the content can be found in his blog posts found on the Silicon Valley Product Group site which I see as a good thing for two reasons. 1) you can pass on the info easily by just sending a link and 2) it shows that he did not just write a book to write a book, but this is an accumulation of experience and thought that has culminated in this book.

Thank you Mr. Cagan.

I took gobs of notes. Here are some of my favorites:

* Two Inconvenient Truths about Product
1. The first truth is that at least half of our ideas are just not going to work.
2. The second inconvenient truth is that even with the ideas that do prove to have potential, it typically takes several iterations to get the implementation of this idea to the point where it delivers the necessary business value.

* typical roadmaps are the root cause of most waste and failed efforts in product organizations.

* If you want to DISCOVER great products, it really is essential that you get your ideas in front of real users and customers early and often. If you want to DELIVER great products, you want to use best practices for engineering and try not to override the engineers' concerns.

* the product organization is not there “to serve the business” but, rather, to solve problems for our customers in ways that work for our business.
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