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Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2018
There are few people that DON'T like WD-40, and there's a reason. Beyond the normal lubrication function, do a Google search and find the seemingly endless litany of uses for WD-40, some of which boggles the mind. The problem? That stupid (but necessary) red "straw" that you attach to the nozzle, and which gets lost almost as soon as you buy the can. Well, that problem has FINALLY been solved! This version of WD-40 is the same formula of the traditional can, but employs a permanent, louvered spray tube that won't get lost. You simply grab the silver part near the top of the tube, pull gently forward, and that red straw flips right into place. Spray away, and when you are done, gently flip it back into the down position. No more taping your tube to the can (which often didn't work, anyway, once you got WD-40 on the can ... the tape often wouldn't stick!), hunting for lost straws, robbing straws from an old bottle to use on a new one, or worst, going out and buying an entirely new can because you couldn't find the straw! A great design that makes using WD-40 all the more useful! Five Stars!
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