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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2018
We had been looking for a new bed for months. I, like many here, didn't want to pull the trigger on a mattress until I reviewed as many as possible. I read reviews and watched YouTube videos on Purple, Ghost, Lucid, Nectar, Tuft & Needle etc. My brain was hurting and my eyes were burning. I came across Chime and everything seemed good and the price is fantastic compared to the others.
Day of delivery: I woke up as I always did with my old matress, hurting! Headache, eye, neck, back and leg pain. This has been a morning ritual for over a year. The UPS man knocked on my door and asked me to help him with the package. I said, of course bud. As we walked to his truck he says," I think it's a bed!?" I said," yes sir. Bed in a box the way of the future." He laughed. So the bed is slightly heavy and I'd recommend two players for this adventure.

Unboxing: Its unboxes like any of the others. Carefully cut plastic and unroll bed. Then cut second set if plastic and watch the magic that is a 1" bed grow into a 12" mattress. Remember those grow a dinosaur by adding water pills as a kid? It's kinda like that without adding water.

Firmness: I realize A LOT of people complain about how firm it is. Evidently I must have been sleeping on a broken hardwood floor for a mattress because this new mattress is amazing! I laid down on it after setting it up and didn't get up for two hours. I don't find it very firm at all. I'm 6'5" and 274lbs. So maybe that plays into it. This bed beyond comfortable.

Overall: This was an excellent purchase for us. After our first night of sleep I woke up and didn't hurt. No joke. I'm sore but no actual pain like I've been used to for over a year. Its very well priced and showed up days early. How it will hold up over time is unknown but the now is amazing.
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