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Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2015
This book is incredible. It starts off long after a zombie apocalypse has hit the Earth. We meet our characters 8 years afterward, and they are unraveling exactly what happened to start the disease. It's set primarily just before a trial for the creators of the zombie disease.

It's really interesting that they were able to cure the disease. I feel like the same old zombie plot is getting a bit worn: Zombie virus breaks out, characters struggle to survive and rebuild civilization among a new race of zombie-humans. This book is not at all like that. The zombie virus has a cure, and the new world includes both people immune to the disease and the cured. This creates a really interesting dynamic between the people, and gives the characters' personalities a dimension that helps to make them realistic. The cured have to deal with the things that they did before the cure, and the immune have to deal with their experiences fighting to stay alive. Both sides have done terrible things, but one side blames the other, and the other side acknowledges their crimes.

This book has really awesome characters that you can understand. At first I was wary, and had a hard time getting into it, but within the first chapter, I was hooked. I finished it in about a day and a half, stopping only to sleep and go to work. I haven't read a book that nails characters so perfectly in a long time. The characters always seen in zombie plots (the grizzled hunter, the honorable person who tries to save everyone, the crazy ones that try to raid, etc) aren't existent in this book. Each character is realistic, and could be any one of us after an event like this. It makes them relate well, and makes the book much more enjoyable.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to disappear into an alternate world for a little bit.
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