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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2019
Shaman Durek is not a guru--as he says so himself. This is not for everyone. I HIGHLY recommend being very grounded before reading this book.

I know that if I'd read this book without my own background in spirituality, studying with Maryam Hasnaa, Barbara Marciniak and Sandra Walter, I would not have been ready to read or liked Shaman Durek's writing. I also know that his particular background and lens of the world doesn't fully resonate with my upbringing and it would've been difficult for me to relate to him, his style of speaking and give his message a chance if I hadn't already studied Maryam or Sandra or Louise Hay or other spiritual teachers.

I recommend Barbara Marciniak's Path of Empowerment if you are interested in learning more about Awakening. She wrote in 2004 but it's pretty crazy how accurate and on point it is about these times. The teachers are all teaching the same thing about the same transformation of consciousness. Joe Dispenza in tandem w Barbara Marciniak is powerful.

I also deeply appreciated the book Ancestral Medicine by Daniel Foor which discusses bringing in supportive guides you already work with when creating connections to your ancestors, which goes into more depth about healing ancestral lines.
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