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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2019
How disappointing. I wanted to love this toy. The concept is simple and fun. Press button on ball to turn remote button, and it flies up and it will go up or down based on proximity to something below the ball.

Unfortunately, it's not durable by any standard.

My daughter got it for Christmas. It was the first item she wanted to play with. Charged it up and let it rip. It flew around great and was entertaining for everyone except our cat....for the first 4 days.

Day 5, it became a circling would fly up in a clockwise circle, then rapidly descend, regardless of where it was in proximity to and object below it and crash into anything or anyone and then the ground. It was still funny to watch, but no longer went up and went up and simply corkscrewed down.

Day 10, it refused to stay on when you press the button on the bottom of the ball. I noticed that the battery pack had fallen out of the slot that holds it. I carefully took apart ball and put battery back where it should be. Worked "day 5 level" (aka corkscrew of death).

Last night (day 13), it finally stopped working at all like one expects. IF the device stayed on, it would spontaneously take off (no remote needed) and then immediately crash to ground. So, I guess that is it.

I get that it's an inexpensive toy, but I would expect that it should last longer than 13 days.

EDIT 12/18/19
I've struggled with whether I should post this or not. However, I decided that people should know that this seller DOES ACTIVELY try to convince customers to delete poor reviews.
I purchased this for my daughter a year ago for Christmas and had it fail within 2 weeks. 1 month ago on 11/28/19 (nearly 1 year later), I received the following e-mail from the seller:

Dear Allison ****
Thank you for purchasing our products.
We noticed your review for your well-justified complaint about our product.
Our goal is to be completely satisfied with this transaction. We would appreciate it if you would give us a chance to address your concerns and to resolve your review.
Apology again
$35 Amazon Gift Card will be offered to you as our compensation as soon as possible.
In return, I hope you are pleased to delete the review.
The Amazon Gift Card will then sent to you the first time after we have confirmed your review has been deleted.
Regarding your product review for order
Could you please delete the review?
If you have any questions, please contact me to help you solve
Customer Service Team

So, in essence, this seller is willing to give me $35 to REMOVE MY REVIEW....OF A $14 TOY!!! I'm sorry, but that's just shady. There is NO indication of replacing the product in ANY WAY....simply a financial transaction...if I remove this review, they would give me $35. So, please do yourself a favor and consider how many negative reviews might be being deleted on this item to enhance it's rating here on Amazon. I'm sorry, but I do not do reviews simply for money. I do reviews honestly so that others may benefit from my experiences.
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