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Reviewed in the United States on September 16, 2019
Not sure if this book is supposed to be horrible to honor its thematic message, that war is needlessly stupid and bad..or not...but I won’t forgive it..this author thinks he’s ten times funnier and more clever than he actually is in person and on the page. I could edit this piece of heavy handed satire by 75 percent and still not have much to laugh at..or that the point? If so, bullocks! This guy is not a good writer and I don’t read books so somebody can stand upon their soapbox and waste my time. You don’t need to get to the end of it to get the point. It’s a good point. I agree with the point! It’s obvious. Why read past the first 35 percent though? All he does is have a circle jerk over his previous unfunny satirical points over n over again. One good turn deserves another but this is not the case with this book. It is not humor. I think Vonnegut is a likeable guy! I watched him give a lecture on YouTube while reading this. However, this is not and should not be considered an American classic. This is dog crap you read in your English class and think is good at 18. Or you read it hate it endure the positive reviews of your classmates and become convinced everyone around you is stupid- you’ll never read another book again, and it’s a good thing your a math major. I think reading is great, but this is a bad example of a good American writer. This guy is crap with a capital C. The people who think it’s good are intellectually stunted whiny children, mostly in the bodies of adults who work at publishing entities. Yuck! I’ll pass.
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