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Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2018
EARLIER REVIEW: Works just fine* and because our TV is not mounted, the length of the stick is not a problem at all. My husband enjoys the voice command feature and used it occasionally. At some point he was watching the TV and I don't know what he clicked on but the TV started talking--NONSTOP--reading everything on the screen. I was perplexed but, if this happens to you, go into "Accessibility" to turn it off. Apparently it's a feature for the sight-impaired.
*LATER REVIEW (EDIT): THIS REMOTE IS A POS, It worked for about five months and then stopped working at all. If I hadn't read some other reviews where people had the same problem and discovered they had to change batteries way too frequently--one person had to remove the batteries every night and then put them back in the next night--I wouldn't have known that changing the batteries might work. We put in new batteries and it worked fine . . . for a few days. Then it stopped again.
I wanted to return it but the company has made it sufficiently difficult and iffy to make most people give up on that idea, given the hoops you have to jump through, the resulting length of time it would take to have your TV viewing restored, and the fact that one of the major faults in this remote seems to be that it eats thought batteries. Also, if the remote's problem was its propensity to eat up the charge in your batteries, the company would likely try new batteries and then send it back saying, "You needed to change the batteries." So basically we have to eat the price of this thing and take a chance on some other model. Or maybe we'll just get some other system than Roku.

RETURN AND WARRANTY SERVICE PROCESS [Sorry about spacing; it was in pdf format]
Please access and review Roku Support online help resources at before seeking warranty service. Returns or
warranty service requests for your new Player must be within the 30-day return period, or within the original product warranty
You must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Roku Customer Support. RMA numbers expire thirty days from issuance. Roku may attempt to troubleshoot a warranty-related problem prior to issuing a RMA number.
Please be prepared to provide additional information upon request.
Once a RMA number is obtained, you must ship your Player, freight prepaid, together with proof of purchase and all accessories, in either the original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection, to the Roku authorized distribution facility identified by Roku Customer Support.
Failure to return any of the accessories could result in a delay and/or result in an invoice to you or credit to Roku for the missing accessories. Important:When submitting a RMA, please provide the following information with your request: (a) model
number, (b) serial number,(c) problem description, (d) software version (located in the Settings menu), (e) date of purchase, (f) place of purchase (reseller or online place of purchase), and (g) return shipping address (P.O. boxes are not accepted).
Additional Roku troubleshooting and online help resources can be found at
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