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Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2016
Ok, so I may be a bit paranoid or perhaps that I just know my family's propensity to get cuts/scrapes/injuries, but I like to have a well stocked medkit in each of our vehicles as well as a primary medkit in the house.
Just before our last summer camping trip I decided that we were running a bit low on bandaids, particularly waterproof ones. Previously we'd had a similar product and really loved them, but I couldn't find the exact ones so I did my usual search on Amazon and found these.
After having used them on the camping trip I'm really kind of sad....because now I need to buy several more boxes of them to replace all the other bandaids I had previously stocked. Yes, they are that good.
Let me go into the specifics of why they worked awesome for us. First, there are the little tiny bandaids (22mmx26mm) which I thought were going to be somewhat useless due to their small size, but they were actually the first to win me over. My 2yr old would get bugbites (no matter how consistently bugspray was applied), and then she would scratch the bites till they bled, and she would do the same for the scabs as soon as they would form. These little bandaids were ideal for keeping her sores clean and protecting them from her little fingernails.
The medium size ones worked great at covering some small cuts and scrapes on my sons hands and elbows after he lost a duel with a pine tree (amazingly, they actually stayed on him for a couple days).
The large ones are big enough for moderate cuts, but still a bit too small for a normal skinned knee or elbow. I am currently using one of them to cover up an area on my knee that has a couple stitches and needs to be kept dry. It works, but I think I'll try and pick up some bigger ones to keep on hand.
My final comment is regarding the individual packaging on each bandage. This type of clear bandage is very thin and floppy and on the previous version it took some effort to get the bandaid placed without getting it stuck to itself since it is almost like trying to put on a piece of saranwrap. This version has solved that problem by having a thin piece of stiffer plastic attached to the outer surface of the bandage that helps it retain its shape as you place it over the wound. After you've got the bandage stuck down, that thin bit of plastic is pulled off and you're left with a clear, unobtrusive patch that is tough, flexible, and has made an ideal waterproof barrier around the wound. I'm writing this, I've finished convincing myself to go ahead and just upgrade all my medkits to these bandaids.
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