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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2019
UPDATE 2/12/19
After seeing my review and the touch sensitivity issues, the company sent me a whole new pack of their mylar screen protectors to try on my 11-inch ipad pro. I didn’t have to ask them for it, it just showed up. Kudos for excellent customer service! Plus, the new protector seems to work much better on my ipad - I’ll review that separately. Though the glass protector didn’t work for me, 3 stars for great customer service and support.

I have used this brand on an older iPad Pro with good luck. On that machine, it didn't seem to affect the touch sensitivity or use of the Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, on this one for the iPad Pro 2018 11", it does seem to substantially affect sensitivity.
The directions and supplies are good, making it easy to apply it to a clean screen without bubbles. The install looked perfect.
Unfortunately, I first noticed touch problems when trying to use the onscreen keyboard. It kept missing keystrokes that I was sure I'd hit. I figured maybe it was a software glitch so I hard rebooted. It was still having the same problem, and making it almost impossible to type out a message without going really really slowly.
The final straw was when I was using it with the Apple Pencil for some handwritten notes. Normally the "digital ink" flows very smoothly. However, with the protector, there were weird gaps, regions where it simply wouldn't pick up strokes by the Apple Pencil. Close examination revealed no air bubbles or other problems.
Finally I got frustrated and took it back off. As soon as it was off, those same regions of the screen were fully writable with the Apple Pencil. So it was definitely a problem with the protector.
I'm not sure whether it is because of differences in the iPad Pro 2018 touch sensitivity, or whether it is some kind of manufacturing issues, but this attempt was unusable. I may try again with the second one sometime, and update the review then.
I gave it three stars simply for ease of installation, reasonable instructions, and great customer service. But I would not buy it again unless I had assurance of a much better likelihood of it working.
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