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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2016
We have a 15 month old who's big for his age, and most bibs we've found don't cover his chest down to his belly, these however provide sufficient coverage almost down to his lap when sitting. Also most bibs have smaller neck sizes, these adjust for the widest variety of neck sizes we've found. We disliked the cloth bibs since as busy parents which most are, having to launder bibs after each meal is a pain because they become so soiled, could sit for days waiting to be laundered and start to stink, and when needing a bib right now, they're always all dirty because one parent forgot to wash them all. We have also tried the silicone bids with the built in catch tray which are super easy to clean and dry but after a child starts to seriously feed themselves, the silicone bibs get in their way because of their ridigity and they become frustrated often trying to take off the bib.

These bibs however once on, my child doesn't notice them as they're very flexible, but maintain coverage despite his movements, the material is almost like a thicker waterproof table cloth. They're super easy to clean after dinner, just wash them with the dishes in the sink and hang them upside down on a chair or faucet (not sure if they're dish washer safe, but would do fine in the laundry).

The built in catch tray lays flatter than the silicone bib, but it still catches most of the food that drops from his mouth or slides down his chest which keeps his pants clean. The designs are super cool btw, very cute and we get compliments on them when we're out to eat. The bibs are very packable, fold down to almost nothing and are lightweight, so no issues taking them on trips whatsoever.
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