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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2019
 I have 6 XT2 cameras set up around my backyard and have absolutely loved them from the get go.

One of them I set up as a 'Hummingbird Cam' which i attached a video of. We are getting amazing shots of the little guys. The rest we have set up around the entrances to the yard and various places in our backyard. Partly for home protection, partly for fun (wildlife viewers).

My experience with the XT2 has been flawless. I think its worth pointing out what my network set up is:

1) I use Google Wifi
2) I have a total of 7 Google Wifi APs throughout the house. For outdoors, I have two APs on either corner of the house (these are bedrooms) sitting in the windows so they have a clear view of the outside, at least through the window
3) my Blink sync box is right inside the house by the back porch so that I can get as clear a view of the outside as possible

So as you can imagine, each camera has a very good wifi signal based on the wifi coverage I've set up.
I personally believe that if I only had a single home wifi router, it'd be a problem with range. I haven't specifically tested this but one of my XT2 cams in the yard is further away from the house than the others (say by 25 feet) and the wifi received signal falls off pretty fast, though it doesn't lose signal.

The cameras always capture motion and do a very good job with audio. Images/videos are crystal clear.

I've already sent feedback into blink about some features I'd like to see added such as:
1) ability to upload/share multiple videos at once (have to do this one at a time)
2) ability to take a snapshot (jpg) instead of a video (this isn't implemented, you can only capture video though you can take a picture of what the camera is looking at for its on-app thumbnail)
3) ability to automatically upload captured videos to a user specified site such as Google Photos

In the end, after reading a lot of the negative reviews, signal quality, etc. I think my experience has been so good because i've blanketed my home in wifi coverage. This isn't going to be feasible or even economical for everyone by any means. That being said, I hope this gives some folks some ideas on how to improve their connection to their cameras.

From my experience, if you have a good connection to the cameras, they work flawlessly.

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