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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2018
I'm having a hard time understanding how this book has received such positive reviews. Let me start by saying I went through this book on audible, not paper, and that I am a HUGE fan of Howey's Silo series. Can't recommend that one enough. That series of books was very very good. But Sand... was flat out boring. I remember sitting my truck on my commute one day, somewhere around chapter 20 or 30 into the book wonder WHEN.. for GOD'S SAKE... is ANYthing going to happen? And then, out of nowhere.. the book ends. Nothing happened. Anywhere in the story. At all. From the first chapter, all the way through to the end. I almost considered requesting a refund for this purchase (it would only be my 2nd).

The plot is lame, the characters are poorly developed, and while the 30,000 foot elevation view of the story feels like it could have some serious potential, Hugh totally wasted it on a story that literally goes nowhere. There were countless times I almost just stopped because I couldn't take it anymore, but decided to hold on for one more chapter, because I thought for SURE something was going to happen to make the story interesting at some point. But it never did.

The narrator also didn't do this book any favors. How do I describe this narrator... Imagine listening to a story that goes nowhere, where nothing interesting happens at all, told to you by Whoopie Goldberg with a cold. She also reads every character in the same voice and same inflections, and doesn't understand how to make the story telling dynamic. For example, there will be a scene that "sounds" something like this... "WHY Would YOU DO THAT (loud voice), she whispered". She would use a loud voice for a part that is literally typed into the book ", she whispered", or a softer voice for something typed ", he yelled". The narrator did that a handful of times and those kinds of things just bug me. No thanks, Whoopie!

Pass on this book, don't say I didn't warn you.
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