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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2018
The opening scene features a crane beak strike to exploding balls technique. I couldn't stop laughing after that enough to take this chop socky flick seriously enough. And again in the next fight scene, everyone keeps going for the balls. Never seen that in a martial arts film before. At least the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. Technicolor really does movies like this justice by evoking a sense of warmth and life in what otherwise would be a miserable dreary hovel. There is no stigma of social classes here, a man (and woman) is judged solely on ass-kicking and ball-bursting skills alone. We don't care about food, drink or paying rent - only that our kung fu is better than yours and we will shove it up your ass to prove it. Not much of a story to be told here. It is quite a good movie to watch while cleaning the house or reading a book.

Note: For you Tarantino fans, this movie is the inspiration for the Pai Mei character in Kill Bill. Tarantino directly lifted many elements of the film including the character's name, his appearance, his beard stroking mannerisms, and his signature move.
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