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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2020
3 stars book, 5 stars for the content and the message.
I actually got this book back in 2003 or so, but discarded it.. big mistake! If I had listened to him on RE investing back in 2003 and piled up, I would have done well, though it would have been a lot of risk as well.

now years later, I decided to buy an updated copy and read again. While there's not much new content, his messages are even more important today than ever. As I type this, we're in global financial crisis, and a massive amount of wealth is completely wiped. Govt keeps printing more money to save the stock market and economy.

I disagree with him on investing in RE unless you got them cheap; in normal times, buying rental RE may be great idea, and I even seriously considered it last yr. If I had bought rental RE, I be heavily screwed right now; we're heading towards massive unemployment due to the virus, so people will rent your apt units, but they have no money to pay rent and won't pay... they'll simply live for free, and you can't evict them either. At same time, you're screwed with paying heavy mortgages. RE investing is good if you're handy and willing to do most of the work yourself, but it's really a full time job if you got multiple units, and you must find good tenants.

Going to college is not necessarily stupid, but going to an expensive one probably is.
Owning a home is not stupid either, but owning an expensive home maybe esp if you can't afford it and do it just to show off to friends/family.

I agree with those that criticize the book for giving no detail on how find and invest in RE or anything else; it does present a lot of ideas and makes you think. And there's a lot of repeat in the book, just to be repeated again at the end of each chapter summary, otherwise this can be a 30pages book.
if you can look past that, then it's a good book to read.
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