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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2019
For those who use/will use the Switch exclusively as a handheld device, I would recommend this system over the original Switch! Here are some things I've noticed in comparison to the original Switch so far:

- The Switch Lite is far more comfortable to hold and and use than the original Switch thanks to its smaller size and ' lite'er (hahaha) weight. I can hold this small boi for a lot longer than the larger Switch before having to put it down to rest my hands.

- All the buttons have that superior Gameboy Advance button feel, ie: they don't feel a tad too rigid and clicky like those in the larger Switch. Plus there is an actual d-pad here. The system is made of plastic and has a sort of coarse feel to it. It won't slip out of your hands too easily and feels nice to the touch.

- Screen size is a bit smaller- 5.5 inches vs the Switch's 6.2 inches, but this ties into the greater ease of use as a handheld as mentioned before. In terms of brightness and display quality I cannot say that I see any large differences. It's possibly a bit better since it's the same 720p but in a smaller screen? Anyway it looks great just like the original (and requires a screen protector just like the original.)

- The color schemes for this system are some of the best Nintendo has ever offered in my opinion. The yellow one that I got looks fantastic and I'm glad that I chose this over the turquoise and the Pokemon themed one.

- Sound output is slightly lower in terms of volume than the original Switch. This is probably because the speakers are on the underside of the system as opposed to the front. This is a minor thing though, you'll still hear your games well enough.

- The battery looks to be draining at a similar or slightly slower rate that the original (release day) Switch. However keep in mind that the newer shipments of the original Nintendo Switch are supposed to have a larger battery life.

- You will of course be missing out on a number of features: no docking to the TV/monitor, no detachable controllers, no HD rumble or IR camera, no kickstand. However as mentioned before this a pure handheld, and I believe it serves that purpose better than its larger brethren.

For anyone who already owns a Switch and is interested in this system, it's a no-brainer. The Switch Lite is maybe the best handheld made by Nintendo so far. If you are choosing between the Switch Lite and the original Switch however, the decision becomes more difficult. I play most Switch games in handheld mode. If I had to choose between one of these today, I would probably choose the Switch Lite. If you like playing games on a larger screen, or you play local multiplayer games (Super Smash Bros. comes to mind) you probably should go with the original Switch. You'll have a lesser handheld experience, but you'll also be getting some really great features that you'd miss out on with the Switch Lite.
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