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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020
Wow. I didn't expect to be impressed.

I got this for the Professional Engineers exam, because they only allow 3 specific models of calculators.
Since this was the cheapest .... and I'm never going to part with my HP's for actual work ... I figured I'd use it, then shelve it. Rather than ending up on a shelf, it has made it onto my desk, lol.

You still couldn't pay me to use a TI, but this Casio is quite the 'sleeper'.
I still can't quite believe it can keep up with some of my HPs, but it does.

1. Incredible price/performance value.
2. Intuitive entry.
3. Surprisingly powerful capabilities.
4. Light and (relatively) ergonomic.
5. Built in cover protects, but doesn't rub/scuff the calc.
6. Tiny little battery will last 3 years of normal (1 hr/day) use.

1. A little slow. The HP Prime smokes it in comparison.
2. Keyboard has a very light touch, and a little wobbly and mushy, like a TI.
(But, unlike a TI, the Casio does seem to register every keystroke reliably.)
3. Colored key labels a somewhat hard to read / distinguish.
(Also the Shift / Alpha keys are way, way too close to the same color.)
4. Manual is good, but not great. (And small print .... but it is a real printed manual.)
5. Oddly, a power cycle looses any current calculations, but not the data registers .... seems arbitrary.
(And some mode changes can flush some of your work, as well. Be careful.)

I'm glad I got it. It's earned a spot next to some really heavy hitting calculators I've used for years.

As with any powerful scientific calculator, you HAVE to READ THE MANUAL, and do the examples.
These things can't read your mind, so don't even try to skip the manual.

If you don't like (or need) symbolic results like fractions or "2Pi", just hit the S-D key to instantly convert back and forth between symbolic and decimal. (If you REALLY hate symbolic results, just change the default setup from MathIO/MathO to MathIO/LineO. Done. No more symbolic results.)
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