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Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2018
So I think the biggest thing to take away from this book (which I stopped halfway through PG 171 of 325) is that the Story/plot she wrote for this character does NOT fit the character she presented. Ill explain as simply as this: Vhalla is a commoner "intelligent" book worm who discovers she is a sorcerer with great powers. Heres the biggest problem:
She is not incredibly powerful because she is "smart" or because shes read about magic before it even manifests. Nope shes just really strong because thats what author wrote it for and is some kind of chosen one, the first airbender to be born in 150 years. Shes even INCREDIBLY close minded for someone who is supposed to be smart and read books. (she does mention how she doesnt like how the world has made her this way but honestly thats not good enough) Its so annoying how every time her powers manifest the characters are just like "I cant beleive you did that" and shes like "did what?" and they literally just tell her through dialogue. Its aggravating.
So thats my biggest problem, here are the rest:
Shes INCREDIBLY whiny and finicky dancing back and forth between whether she wants magic or not.
It has a love triangle (and according to other reviews sounds like a love square but I didnt get that far)
It has the "Prince is in love with a commoner" cliche.
The world sounds interesting but Ill never find out because its told from this dumb girl.
LASTLY which made me almost literally throw down the book and made me decide to DNF it is the commoner boy says how he likes her then kisses her against her will basically, she doesnt like it and just thinks "yeah I should go with this bc we are both commoners and you dont need passion in love" I cant believe this author put this in there. I guess shes supposed to be relaying that you shouldnt settle? and always go for whoever you love. But its such a terrible message to display. If anything it should be the opposite and she should THINK she should be in love with the prince but really the more down to earth guy is who she should end up with.
The author should watch some Youtube videos because she has most "dont put these tropes in your fantasy novels" that almost everyone describes.

Just unfathomable there are 5 books in this series. Hell no will I be finishing this book, it honestly got me with its beautiful cover (which isnt how the character is described at all) and the idea of elemental powers. Stay away from this book.
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