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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2020
This card ... e-card, animated modern day replacement for regular cards - is simply the best thing I could find quickly when I remembered about my adult son's birthday with hours to spare and how he likes to get stuff delivered to his door a few days after placing an order.
This card -- this e-gift, as it's better known - came thru with medals and ribbons (and throw in some fireworks!), cuz it saved my respect that my son deserves to give me. And I got respect ... and even at the last minute - THIS e-card did it. (Full disclosure, you actually have to transfer funds to it if you really wanted it to mean something).

Just get it for any dear friends/family that you love and care for deeply - trust me - it WORKS!

(Well this version did -- I can't vouch for the others, but if from the same animation company, you cannot fail.). It's a really good animation of a dog or something.

It's the size of a credit card - but you don't even have to mail it or place it in an other card - you can just "e-gift" it (hence the name). You'll need some sort of destination e-mail address (there are too many "e"-things recently, have you noticed?) - but if you get it right, they'll receive your thoughtful and well-timed gift within minutes of completing the few information text boxes before you Submit.

I'll get another one this year - I'm pretty sure.
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