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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2013
This book! Oh my, this book. I am not sure I have the precise words to describe how incredible and enchanting this book is. I felt as wonderstruck as Cora did as I read about their adventures. Ah, the glamour and allure of the trip! There were dangers, excitements, swoon-worthy romantic scenes, and moments that left me stunned and itching to be in their shoes.

The stakes were higher in the book than the previous one, which only added to the story. There is high risks as shady men continued to follow them with ill-intent of kidnapping one of the precious children of the Copper Kings. And, Cora's own entanglements with love force hardships on her and the surrounding parties.

There were breathtaking moments such as the various dances they attend with the stunning clothes and food (seriously, my moth was watering at their menu) or the memorable cliff jumping (definitely a favorite scene) or even the gut-wrenching glacier climb (man, that kept me on the edge of my seat).

Bu these moments, the danger and adventure, kept the story flowing even up until the last pages. I was sitting there reading with ten pages left and the action was still going on! It was definitely intriguing and gut wrenching and marvelous. I cannot even express how lovely this book is without using the same words and probably sounding overly boring.

I love that in the worst moments, the characters gave it up to God. They called on Him to help them make the right decision and also for the much needed protection. It was inspiring and the events that happened, though almost a century in the past, can still be applied to things that occur in life today (well, maybe not the Copper King kidnapping scandals or the elaborate dances and suitors but still, a girl can dream right?)

I loved it. All of it. Every moment. Even the moments where I found myself yelling at the book and the characters and the turn of events (yes, I do have witnesses to my vocal comments). Even the moments that made me want to rip out my own hair and scream and throw the book across the room (which did not happen, I love books they are precious and should never be thrown). Even the moments where I had to take a break from the story before I felt too overwhelmed with all that was happening. It was a magical ride across Europe that left me wanting more, which luckily my wish will be granted in six months, though that might not be soon enough.
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4.4 out of 5
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