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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2019
I've probably have been buying these for about almost 6 months it's probably over at least 50 cards. Honestly I ever only buy these, add them to the Starbucks app and always pay through the app. They are quick and sent off right away. Never had an issue with the cards ever. And I go to my local Starbucks at least 4 times a week for more then 4 hours, I enjoy being in the cafe and talking to the baristas and yes I am a Starbucks Regular.

I've read the other reviews and why people have issues. I know others have had trouble with it and say this doesn't work and it's bad, here the problem and your solution. Nothing wrong with the egift cards, it just people don't know what to do.

1) How do I put the card on my app?

A: In the email you send it to, once your receiver get it and opens the email, there a little yellow button that, says "get gift card," click it and it send you to a page where it displays your card serial number and security number.

Have them go to their Starbucks app, look at the bottom and click the one that says cards, click the plus + button that's in a circle on the top right corner. Put both those numbers into the areas you need to put it. Boom you have your card on.

NOTE: This a egift card, they are virtual. You will not receive a physical card in the mail, only through the email you sent to. Look on Amazon there are cards you can recieve in the mail. Just not this one.

• Similar problem: I can't transfer funds to my other card?

A: Once you put in a new card, you have to wait at least 30 mins to transfer funds to another card. Just wait a bit, nothing wrong with Starbucks or your card. Now if it passes an hour, still doesn't work go to a barista at register.

2) I haven't received my card yet

A: Sometimes it's rare but, it can take about 5 mins to 30. Refresh the page, look at spam and wait a bit. If it doesn't come in just go back to your orders and click on the button to have them send you another one.

• Make sure you typed the email you sent it to correctly, if not go to your order and it say change email sent to. One typo will mess everything up.

NOTE: If your Wi-Fi sucks, or you purchase a card the day before and frequently very close in days to each other, the page to see your card serial numbers and security number will say page error or won't load. Wait 30 mins or an hour, go somewhere with better Wi-Fi like Starbucks, go back to the page, if you still can't see it, have them sent you another one. If the issue still occurs hit up customer service.
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